Deserving success/victory

26 Feb

Deserving success/victory
Written by Kevin Sutton
Assistant Coach – Georgetown

I am a firm believer that you must deserve success/victory. How does one “deserve success /victory”?
1. By being concerned about success of the team 1st.
2. By respects the game.
3. By valuing and enhancing the culture of the team.
4. By showing respect for their teammates
5. He/she “buys in” to helping the program become successful.
6. By understanding that Deserving success/victory is a “action phrase”
7. By committing to the principle that success/victory is about sacrifice.
8. By believing in the system, the game plan, the team and the coaching staff.

In a nutshell, deserving success/ victory is about creating your own luck through the collective habits, culture, and spirit of the team, and it is about working to reach the potential of the team through “shared suffrage” and “selfless service”.

There is a distinct difference between wanting success/victory and deserving success/victory.

Everyone wants success/victory. Those deserving success/victory spend their time in action, working toward earning their success/victory.

Deserving success/victory encompasses the emotional, the psychological, the intellectual as well as the physical wellness of the team.


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