3 Great Opportunities to Score

21 Jan

3 great opportunities to score
Written by: Kevin Sutton
Assistant Coach
Georgetown Univ.

Scoring on Out of Bound plays, either from under the basket(BOB) or Side Line Out of Bounds (SLOB), are a great opportunity to execute and score.

I believe these are great opportunities to be taken advantage of because: 1. Your team is in the exact position that you want them to be in on the particular play.

2. The players are not moving into those spots.

3. The team knows who is going to take the shot and where they are going to shoot from. This gives the offensive team an advantage to rebound the miss.

4. Especially on a Baseline Out of Bounds play you have the ball close to the basket.

Another great opportunity to score is After Time Outs(ATOS). The team’s ability to execute a play that has just been drawn up by the coach is sign of their basketball IQ and their ability to concentrate/focus.

Just like on Out of Bounds plays the offensive team knows who is going to shoot and the location of the shot, giving the offense a greater opportunity to rebound the ball.

The teams that execute their ATOS win a higher percentage of their games. ATOS are sign of a well coached team.

According to Synergy (the statical company that is used by most college and NBA teams) last year the top 5 NBA teams in scoring on Out of Bounds plays and ATOS were the Celtics, Heat, Spurs, Thunder and Pistons. The Pistons were the only team not to make the playoffs .

Time in practice must be spent in order to be good at execution of BOBs, SLOBs, and ATOS. Several ideas to improve offensive execution of your BOBs,SLOBs & ATOS are:

1. Ten minute execution scrimmage. Each team is given 5 minutes to run their plays. Score is kept. Fouls are called.

2. Each day “shadow”(without defense). Run through your OB plays.

3. Between each transition from drill to drill or from segment to segment in practice, have each player run one of your BOBs, SLOBs, or ATOS. Have managers keep track/score. At the end of practice winners are rewarded while the losing players have to run.

Investing more time on executing Out of Bounds and After Time Outs will provide a good return on that investment: scoring more = more wins.


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