RIF – Reading is FUNdamental

15 Aug

Written by Kevin Sutton Assistant Basketball Coach
Georgetown University

As Summer classes end and Fall classes begin at the end of August I felt that is was time to step up my reading as I have challenged our players to work hard Academically this summer. When I was younger there was a national campaign called RIF: which stood for Reading is Fundamental. Well as a youngster during the Summer time I did not think about or want to read. Now as I have gotten older I have realized the value, the importance, the joy, the necessity of reading. Reading is truly FUNdamental.

With this blog spot I want to share with you my list of books that I have read over the past 10 years that have had a profound affect on my life. The list will be divided into three categories: 1. Spiritual 2. Leadership and 3. Sports related. These three topics of books have held my attention, touched my spirit and helped shape both my personal and professional life.

By keeping the FUN in fundamental, I am certain that you too will enjoy Reading.

Top 30 books I have read and recommend:

1. I Declare – Joel Osteen
2. Your Best Life Now – Joel Osteen
3. Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren
4. Joshua the homecoming – Joseph Grizone
5. Never Alone – Joseph Grizone
6. 3:16 the numbers of Hope – Max Lucado
7. Max on Life – Max Lucado
8. If You Want to Walk on Water you must get out of the boat – John Ortberg

1. Make The Big Time Where You Are – Frosty Westering
2. Everyone Communicates Few Connect – John C. Maxwell
3. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make – Hans Finzel
4. Every Move Must Have A Purpose – Bruce Pandolfini
5. QBQ! The Question Behind The Question – John G. Miller
6. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Patrick Lencioni
7. The Five Temptations of a CEO – Patick Lencioni
8. Energy Bus – Jon Gordon
9. A Positive Dog – Jon Gordon
10. One Word – Jon Gordon
11. How Full Is Your Bucket? – Tom Rath
12. Becoming a Coaching Leader – Daniel Harkavy

Sports Related:
1. Born to Coach – Rick Pitino
2. Gold Standard – Coach K
3. Return of the Gold – Jerry Colongolo
4. Lead with the Heart – Coach K
5. Reach the Summit – Pat Summit and Salley Jenkins
6. They Call Me Coach – John Wooden
7. The Winner Within – Pat Riley
8. Lead to Succeed – Rick Pitino
9. Beyond Basketball – Coach K
10. Season of Life – Jeff Marx

Reading allows for the opportunity to grow, to learn, to reflect, to understand and most importantly to educate oneself.


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