What Makes a Great Recruiter?

9 Aug

By Kevin Sutton-Assistant Coach
Georgetown University

In my attempt to improve and grow in my craft as a recruiter. I asked myself this question: What Makes A Great Recruiter? I also asked that question of coaches at all levels of the game of basketball that I have a great deal of respect for.

To gain a better understanding of the question, I decided to define recruiting. Recruiting is the accurate evaluation of the talent that can fit your program’s culture in the following areas:

1. Academically

2. Athletically

3. Socially

It is also creating a desire for that talent to crave your program’s culture.  Recruiting is not an exact science.

1. Great recruiters are confident in their abilities and they recruit to their abilities.

2. Great recruiters have a knowledge & a understanding of their university.

3. Great recruiters know how to represent their universities.

4. Great recruiters have abilities to develop relationships with the recruit and their  “Circle of Influence”

5. Great recruiters have built over time, a network of contacts that help them to get a lead on the recruit and possibly secure a recruit.

6. Great recruiters  must be sincere, authentic , creative, imaginative, and persistent in their approach and delivery of a recruit.

7. Great recruiters must be tremendous communicators. They have an understanding and knowledge of the effective and proper use of Social Media.  They know how get their message heard verbally, written word, visually etc.

8. Great recruiters do their research on the recruit, the high school coach, the AAU coach, the school, the parent(s), and “who is calling the shots”.

9. Great recruiters must think like a General Manager: Do they fit our needs? Whom can we get? What will it take? How is our team built for the future ? Is this recruit a program changer?

10. Great recruiters recruit and sign players a level higher than they presently are.

11. Great recruiters are like pitchers in Baseball (Starters/Middle reliever/Closer). As a recruiter, you are either in one of those three position in the rotation with a particular recruit. Often times you could be in at least two positions. (Ex. Starter/closer)

12. Great recruiters – SELL THE DREAM!

“The dream” of earning a scholarship, getting a college degree, winning championships, playing in post season tournament and playing at the next level!


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