Thoughts from the NBA Playoffs

27 Jun

Thoughts from the NBA Playoffs

I. Play off basketball is different from regular season basketball. Why?
1. Stakes are higher
2. Pressure is greater
3. Mistakes are heighten
4. Execution of the game plan becomes even more important
5. It is all about adjustments
6. The best players have to be the best players

II. How important is the 2 nd. Unit?
– very important
– gives starters the ability to rest
– know their roles and play their roles
– never relinquish leads: either they build on the lead, maintain the lead, at worst they keep the scored tied
– must know the tempo/pace of the game.

IV. Great teams know how to close out:

V. When you attack in transition, good things can happen:
– you can score
-you put pressure on def
– you create fouls on opponents
– you are fatiguing your opponents

VI. Great players want to be coached.

VII. Coaching  is confrontational at times and it should be. But it is never combative, demeaning or dehumanizing.

VIII. 10 types of screens:
Pin down
Staggered double
Double flare
Double ball screen
Ball screens:
-step out

IX. Great players:
-Great players take the 1st bus to the arena to get their work in. The 1st bus gets to the gym several hours early.
-Great players know when and how to take over games. They simply have a feel for the game, they make the proper play, they impose their will on the game and their teammates.
– Great players want and expect to be coached.

X. Do your job(nothing more and certainly nothing less). This will help us be successful.

XII. Playoff basketball is hard fought, it is tough, it is about competing at the highest level.

XIII. It is so important to get to the free throw line when you are in a scoring slump.

XIV. Good offense involves,
1. ball movement,
2. player movement,
3. rebound coverage,
4. uncontested shots by the player we want from the location we want
5. Screening
6. Element of inside/out or outside

XV. Early shot clock vs. Late shot clock can be the difference in the game:

– Early shot clock is about team play and late shot clock is about one on one play.
-Early shot clock can and often does catches the defense at a disadvantage. While late shot clock the defense is prepared/set which can and often does give the advantage to the defense.
– Early shot clock the defense is more man oriented and late shot clock the defense is more ball oriented.

XVI. Champions learn from their experiences
– The struggle is necessary
– The struggle is apart of the climb
– Teachable moments when kept in perspective helps the individual to grow, to learn and to improve.

XVII. Defining moments:
-Those moments that define your character.
– Those moments that stretch you.
-Those moments that can be difficult,hard,&uncomfortable
-Those moments that become lasting memories.

XVIII. Losing:
– always makes you uncomfortable
-is always emotional
– is difficult
– defines you, especially how the individual handles it
– is the culmination of mistakes. Mistakes are both mental and physical . Usually due to a lack of concentration and communication which lead to a lack execution

XVIV: Lebron James’ maturing into a true champion
– Lebron in several of his post game interviewers alluded to the things that helped him mature into a “true champion”.
1. Soul Search:
– he had to look himself in the mirror. To tell himself he had to be better both on and off the court.
2. Proper motivation:
– Use the disappointment of last year as motivation for this year.
– Accept the leadership role
3. Attack mentality:
– Go back to the basics.
– Be aggressive at all times
-Training during the off season was intense, grueling and hard.


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