Positively Impacting Kids Lives

7 Jan

Positively Impacting Kids Lives

Written by Kevin Sutton

Assistant Coach at George Washington



Positively Impacting the lives of the Student/Athlete should be a primary focus of every coach.  The role of the coach is to take an interest in the development of his players in the following areas:

  1. Academically
  2. Athletically
  3. Socially
  4. Spiritually

The constant challenging and encouraging of them to reach their full potential in all of those areas.  Give them the opportunity and the platform to share their dreams, and their goals. Hold them accountable to do the work necessary to pursue and hopefully reach their dreams and goals.  Through the relationship that is developed the student/athlete can becomes a positive representation of your program.  A “living trophy” which is far more important that the trophies that sit in cases.


Team building will occur through constant communication in all forms. The clear articulation of the program goals; expectations, standards and affirmations that are vital to create the necessary “buy in” to be successful.   The Head coach must develop individual relationships as well as collective relationships with the players so that they can develop an understanding, which will lead to trust.


The formation of the team will take place through shared experiences and the understanding that in time the program will be bigger than the individual and that they are apart of the something special.


A Fellowship of Believers will be formed through:

  1. Shared ownership
  2. Shared suffering
  3. Individual responsibility
  4. Team before self
  5. Collective Pride
  6. Holding teammates accountable
  7. Acceptance of roles
  8. Belief in the overall success of the program

The bible passage Act 2:42 says, all the believers were together and had everything in common.


Winning is the by-product of consistently doing the right things over time.  Consistency is always about staying true to your core values and principals.  How you lead your life should speak volumes to others as to who you are and what you stand for.  Consistency is the cornerstone of all successful programs/organizations.




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