Abilities of a Player

1 Sep

The ability to play hard for a sustainable amount of time is what separates the above average players from the average and below average player. The things that make it possible for the above average player to be successful is:

  1. Their ability to handle and deal with adversity
  2. Their ability to compete at a high level with consistency
  3. Their determination/drive to be the best
  4. Their ability to deal with and conquer boredom
  5. Their ability to play through lapses/lulls in the game
  6. Their ability to handle early success
  7. Their ability to handle failure
  8. Their work ethic and attention to detail
  9. Their preparation/approach to all task related to their game
  10.  Their WILL


The simplicity of the game becomes complicated when players:

  1. Lose their focus – due to lack of concentration
  2. Are confused (information overload)
  3. Fail to listen with their ears and learn with their eyes
  4. Simply are not talented enough
  5. Too selfish
  6. Too stubborn – not coachable

Consistency can lead to compliance in others because:

  1. Your effort is taken for granted.
  2. Expectations start to become the norm
  3. New people enter the picture with no frame of reference of what it has taken you to build your program.  They also start to offer their opinions without respect of and for the past.
  4. Perception growth becomes the reality that a change needs to be made.

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