Advice For Life

23 Jun

My advice to all of you is very simple:

1. Be true to yourself and your personality. Teach to those two talents.
2. Dream big, but set obtaintable goals.
3. Write them down and place them were you can read them daily. Give them life by speaking of them to yourself and others.
4. Learn the art of networking.
5. Identify people you respect in your field and study EVERYTHING about them.
6 Read as much as you can and take notes on what you learned.
7. Develop your speaking skills and communication skills by using them.
8. Don’t be afraid to fail.
9. Create your our own opportunities
10. Stay focused through the good and bad times.
11. Share your ideas, thoughts and questions with people you respect.
12. Develop a relentless desire/work ethic to be SUCCESSFUL.


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