Rotation and Scramble

22 Apr

The difference between defensive rotations vs defensive scramble at all levels, is the team that commits to defensive rotation and executes the rotation the best, will win majority of their games.

The team that forces itself into scramble situation means that offense is in control and thus will have a better opportunity at winning the game.

Here are my thoughts on the difference between ROTATION and Scramble.

1. Rotations are organized, pre-planned movements that are predicated by the ball movement and what has been determined by the scouting report.

2. Scrambles are random movements by the defense in an attempt to defend the ball.

3. Rotations start with ball location. Often times the location of the ball determines which rotation coverage will be employed.

4. Scrambles start as a result of the defense being too man oriented. Often losing site of the location of the ball.

5. Rotations require communication(information given,received and understood) verbally and nonverbally.

6. Scrambles are a by product of lack of communication.

7. Rotations start and end with TRUST!

8. Scrambles are a by product of a lack of focus.

9. Rotations are an example of early recognition and early thought.

10. Scrambles are an example of late recognition and late thought.


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