12 Components of a Championship Team

20 Apr
 12 Components of a Championship Team
  1. They have balance on offense.  The points are spread around to several players vs a large amount to just one or two players.  The balance in the offense also comes from ball movement and player movement.  A balance of inside and outside productivity.  A balance between the productivity of the starters as well as the nonstarters.
  2. They play tough defense. The tough defense that is being played is from both a individual defense standpoint and more importantly from a team standpoint. Close out defense enables a team to be in rotations instead of scramble situations.  Proper one on one defense does not allow for dribble penetration (which can and does lead to short 2 on 1’s) or pass penetration (which leads to the team digging the ball out of the post or doubling it).
  3. They rebounding: Is such a hugh component.  The team that owns either glass or both usually wins a high majority of their games. Rebounding is a tone setter! Rebounding sends the message that the possession of the ball is so important!  The controling of the ball increase the number of possession that a team has.  Subsequently the team that has more possession has increased their number of opportunities to score.
  4. They get productivity from their bench: The productivity of the bench effects the team in a positive way.  The productivity of the bench comes in all forms. Productivity must be positive.  The minutes that the bench plays is a direct reflection of how productive their contribution is to the success of the team.
  5. They make their free throws:  First and foremost, they get to the free throw and then they make more free throws than their opponents.  Free throws puts a tremendous amounts of pressure on the defense.  By attacking the rim, the defense has to make adjustments, they often get the defense into foul trouble, it becomes a very easy way to score while not be defended. Finally, the close games come down to a “Free Throw Shooting Contest”!
  6. They make tough shots late in the shot clock: These types of shot are demoralizing to the defense.  These types of plays are energy boosters.
  7. They know how to close out games: They have the confidence and belief that they will win. They never panic.  They play with a sense of poise. Experience make these types of situation more managable.
  8. They know how to with stand runs: They never panic.  The game of basketball is a games of runs.  The team that does not handle this type of adversity will find themselves in a deep whole.  These runs can be momentum shifters.  Composure is so important to both teams when dealing with a run.  Believe it or not, an offensive run can be a negative thing.  Because the shots are falling, it is invariable that the flow of the offense will suffer.  Players will start to look for “theirs”, take bad shoots, quick shots, stop doing the things that enabled them to get on the run in the first place.
  9. They make fewer mistakes than their opponents: plain and simple. Championship teams do not beat themselves.  Mistakes either forced by thopponent or not are not acceptable.  The elmination of physical and mental mistakes increases the teams chances of winning.
  10. They impose their WIll on opponents: The imposing of the will of the team is so important.  A great example of imposing will is dictating the tempo of the game.  When to run,  and when not to run.  Another example if imposing a teams will is on the defensive end.  Being “legally physicals” when a player cut through the lane.
  11. They get easy baskets: In transition they run the floor, they get early post u, they move the ball(no ball stopping), they get shots off of their defense, they get second chance points off of the offensive glass.
  12. Best player has to show up:  Best player must show up and play like the BEST PLAYER!  They have to make their teammates better.  They need to rely on their teammates.  Not many championships are won without the contribution of teammates.

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