USA Basketball Nike Hoop Summit

11 Apr

USA vs the World!  Ten of the best seniors played against some extremely talented players from around the world.  This was not another all-star game, it was an EVENT!  From the first meeting until the final buzzer sounded, the game was a huge success.  Everything was run in a first class manner.  The players really came to this event with the proper mindset.  They wanted to represent the USA and win this game.  Just as important, they wanted to put the final period at the end of the sentence of their high school careers.

Eight of the ten members of this team had represented and won wearing a USA Basketball Jersey before.  They know how special that feels and what special company they are a part of now.  The focus of the team was evident from the very first drill in the very first practice.  Their ability to focus while there were 100’s of spectators, media and NBA Scouts in attendance was amazing.  Proving once again, that the team was Special.

One of the more important items of business that the team did was an outreach clinic for the young men of St. Mary’s Boys School.  This event was held right before our third practice.  The students watched practice and then they were allowed to meet the team.  The impact that the USA team had on the kids was so important.  Impacting lives through the game of basketball is an important responsibility.  One in which these young men did not take lightly.  Proving once again, that the team was Special.

Another highlights of the event  for me was when we took the team to see the Trailblazers vs the Lakers game.  All though the game was exciting, seeing the players waiting after the game to see the NBA players come out.  These very talented players were just as excited to see the NBA Players as anyone.  Finally, when Kobe came out, he came right over to the team and told them to represent the USA and to beat the World team.  That simple statement was all the team needed.  They had heard it from the “best player” in the game.

The USA Basketball NIKE Hoop Summit team did a tremendous job of executing the game plan.  The team did well and won the game.  Now they will move onto college.  It has been said that this particular team might have 8-9 NBA Prospects on the team, and that one of the players could become one of the most decorated players in USA Basketball history.   Who knows what the future holds?  However the future of USA Basketball is bright!

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