March Madness!

15 Mar

March Madness is here! The greatest time of the year as far a I am concerned. There are several reasons why this time of year special to “basketball nuts” like me:
Reason 1: Great competition.
Reason 2: The opportunity to see so many different styles/philosophies.
Reason 3: Great opportunities to learn.
Reason 4: Great coaches and players rising to the challenges on the biggest stage.
Reason 5: The realization of a DREAM!
Reason 6: Enjoy watching the Alumni of my program play.
In this years post season play (ncaa,nit and D2 playoffs), Montverde Academy will have the following:NCAA’s(4):

Dashan Harris – Texas A & M

Jamail Jones – Marquette

James Bell – Villanova

Steve Tchengang -Vanderbilt

NiT(2)Marcus Capers -Washinton State

Ugo Okam – HarvardD2 – (1)

Franck Ndongo-Augusta St.
During our Post-Season workouts, I am constantly speaking/teaching/preaching and discussing with my players about not just “watching the game, but seeing the game, hear the game and studying the game”. By doing this, it will help them improve their Basketball IQ. A player with a high basketball IQ will help their ability to be recruited. It has become a TALENT!
My final challenge to players today was a simple one: “dream BIG dream at night, but Stay a wake and work to turn those dreams a Reality”!


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