Visit from Mentor

29 Oct

This past Monday my team, my staff and I a visitor come to our workout.  The visitor was one of the greatest basketball minds in the game today.  His name is Tates Locke and I am blessed that we have developed a relationship, lasting friendship and he has become a tremendous mentor to me in this coaching profession.  Coach Locke is “giver” he gives his time, his energy and his knowledge to any and everyone whom is willing to listen to the many nuggests that he shares about the game and about life.  My team, my staff and I have not stop talking about Coach Lockes visit on Monday.  It was truly an honor to have him here and spend such quaility time with all us.  He is so very passionate about teaching the game of basketball “the right way”.


The workout was divided into different drill segments:

I. Agility Warm Up Drills

II. Dynamic Stretching Drills

III. Ball Handling/Weak Hand Development Drills

IV. Attack Scoring Drills – a. Turn the corner layups b. Four chair dribble moves

V. NBA Moves – a. Kobe b. Jordan c. Billups d. Pierce

VI. Positional Work a. Post b. Perimeter (Ball Screen Series)

VII. Post and Perimeter 3 on 3 games


After each one of the sessions, Coach Locke took the time to share his insight about the drills, the players understanding of the drill, their ability to perform of the drill and he also shared how the individual and the team could get better.  As a coach, this type feedback was invalueable.  Especially from a master teacher like Coach Locke with his keen eye and understanding of the game.  Here are some for of the many “nuggets” that Coach Locke shared with us:


  • In high school you learn to play with your hands.  In college you learn how to play with your feet and hands.  In the NBA you learn how to play with your head, your feet and your hands.
  • You must learn to practice with imagination.
  • Learn the importance of your shoulder.  Play the game from low to high.
  • When playing ball screen basketball, 90% of the work must be done by the dribbler not the screener.  If the dribbler does his part, the screen will set the proper screen, at the proper angle at the proper time. Which allows for more successful ball screen basketball.
  • Ball must always be second.
  • Nash is one the best in the game today at playing the point guard position, because he beats more talent, more athletic and more skilled players at his position with his head, his vision and his work ethic.
  • How much negative influcence will you allow as a coach?

As you can imagine, the day at Montverde Academy was truly a great day.  Coach Locke thank you again for your time, you knowledge and your mentoring.



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