Post Skill Development

17 Oct

When I teach post skill development I use the following terms to help me teach:
1. Run for scores – trying to get 4 pts on lay ups and dunks.
2. Run on the rim – straight line from rim to rim.
3. Fist fight for position/foot fight to score – must battle to get open and then use proper foot work to score.
4. Own the mid line – area of the paint directly in the middle of the paint.
5. Leverage – low man wins most battles.
6. Legally physical – plays hard as the referees allow.
7. Clean hands – soft hands
8. See the ball into your hands – eyes first/hands second
9. Deep post ups- close to the basket as possible
10. The paint is property – own/lease/rent.

The characteristics that I look for/desire from a good post player and try to develop are:
1. They run the floor on both offense and defense
2. They have good feet
3. They are legally physical
4. They establish and maintain post position
5. They are relentless rebounders
6. They have good hands
7. They defend their position without help
8. They are good free throw shooters
9. They score vs. contact and finish plays
10. They demand special defensive attention.

Everyday during post skill development, I use an outline that will incorporate the following drill format:
1. Catching the ball drills
2.  Warm up drills
3.  Foot work drills
4.  Scoring on the move drills
5.  Scoring after you establish post position
6.  1 on 1 games
7.  Finishing with Free Throws

The development of the post player requires patience from the coach. They often develop later than their perimeter counterpart.


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  1. Hawkeye Fan October 21, 2010 at 1:55 PM #

    We want Steve in Iowa

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