8 Oct
As basketball season starts to move into high gear, most all of us are starting to develop our teams. By that I mean starting to deteremine who the leaders are, what your potential make up of your team is going to be, how you would like to play, development of chemistry etc.  One thing that is so very important for me in this process is ACCOUNTABILITY.   ACCOUNTABILITY WITHIN YOUR TEAM is a paramount!  Everyone being held to the Standards and Expectations for which you program/team has develop to help them become the most successful.
This week I gave my players a handout for their basketball notebook.  The article was from Kevin Eastman – assistant coach of the Boston Celtics.  The topic of the article was Personal Accountability.  I am always interested in knowing and listening to what my players think about the handouts.  So in this blog, I want to share with you two short essays from two on my Seniors whom have been apart of my program for 3 and 4 years respectfully.  Both DeForest Carter and Steve Mondu-Missi are quailty examples of what my program is about.  They both are Honor Roll Students, Tremendous men of Character and Outstanding basketball players. Both are being recruited by outstanding schools: Carter – Florida Tech, Embry- Riddle and Tampa.  Steve – Harvard, Brown, Princeton and Iowa.
Personal Accountability by DeForest Carter
Personal Accountability is having the self-awarness of one’s actions.  He knows that whatever he does, he is accountable for it.  He knows that there is a consquence for any wrong that happens.  So, he has the ability to take it upon himself to be held accountable, but he also holds his team accountable for their actions.  To have the strength and will to hold yourself and your accountable is a wonderful thing.  Now you have a team of players who are held accountable for their actions by everyone else on the team.  They also make sure that some fo the coaches are even held accountable.  The whole team now understands that it is up to them to push each other to achieve greatness.
Personal Accountability by Steve Mondu- Missi
Personal Accountability is a quaility that only a few players have on a team.  Those players take care of themselves.  They do their job and help the team the best they can.  The players who hold themselves accountable do not make excuses, they always do what they have to do and even more.  In fact, they push the other players to do the same thing.  They are conscious of the important role they play on the team and take it seriously.  They always try to find a concrete solution to the problems of the team.  Indeed, they analyze things quickly and come up with a solution right away.  They make things happen, they are active members of the team.  The accountability startes with them and is filtered throughout the team.  Always focusing their collective efforts toward the teams’ success.
ACCOUNTABILITY WITHIN YOUR TEAM, is achieved through daily reinforcement, redirecting, educating and communicating of the standards and expectations of the team!

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