Creating “Buy In” Within Your Team

12 Aug

As a coach we are always looking to find out different techniques/ideas that people use to create “buy in” within their team. First and foremost, creating “buy in” is not easy.  It is ,however, so very important to the success of your team.

Here are a couple of my thoughts:

– Definition of “buy in”: The surrendering of yourself for the greater good of the teams’/organizations’ success.

-It has to be preached from the top/down and the behavior has to be modeled from top/down (head coach/boss).

– “Buy in” occurs most often and is most successfully implemented when the teams best player/leader or hardest worker buys in first.

– I have learned during my coaching career that “buy in” must be communicated in many forms, from motivational handouts to public praise when desired behavior is performed. Written words such as text messages or notes works as well. Also, it is important that the communication must occur often when appropriate.

– “Buy in” has to be non-negotiable! My dad told me, “you either buy in or you get bought out”!

– “Buy in” occurs when a coach/boss allows the team/organization to create a culture where the players are apart of the process/formulation of what you want the team to “buy in” too. (expectations/standards)

– Finally, “buy in” is more than cute quotes (big we, little me, etc). “Buy in” is a mentality, it is a belief; it is the core and fabric that allows great things to happen collectively.

What methods have you used to create “buy in”?


2 Responses to “Creating “Buy In” Within Your Team”

  1. Sickels August 12, 2010 at 10:56 PM #

    Coach, I agree with your thoughts on “buy in” and I also believe that this process truly starts with everyone getting on the same/right page from the start. As coaches, we must clearly establish what we want and how we are going to get there. Allowing your players to be part of the process is paramount and it will clearly establish your leaders from your followers. In the end, it will fall on the shoulders of the coaches and that is what separates good coaches from average coaches.

  2. LD Williams August 13, 2010 at 2:06 PM #

    Coach, thats why you/our teams are always so well prepared for life after high school ball. Since I first came to MVA that was always a point of emphasis of our teams. WE over ME, being that when you go to college everyone was pretty much their teams guy and collectively their talents can be used for a greater goal. So for us to already understand the aspect of buying in will make us all better. Thanks Coach! Love ya

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